Farm Land

  Property Location: Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, Stafford, KS

618 Acres in Rice County Kansas

3 miles north of 95th Street (Reno Co.) & Stafford Co. Line.

Property Description

This unique, well fenced property, almost a full section adjacent to Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in south-central Kansas, lies east and south of over 25,000 acres of waterfowl and gamebird habitat that is “not” hunted for deer. With no roads for 2 miles to the east and 3 miles to the south, many acres of safe, unexposed trails exist for an abundant whitetail population. With plentiful grass, fenced into 4 tracts for rotational and seasonal grazing, this special Whitetail acreage has two windmills, one solar powered well, and one pond. A cultivated food plot near the pond in the southeast trap, and strategically placed deer feeders, create many visible deer trails trail camera opportunities, and abundant deer signs leading to all the sources of water across the entire section.




Questions, please call:

Jon Briel:  (316) 524-8345